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    Michael Fassbender Domestic Violence Allegations From ‘Afraid’ Ex-Girlfriend Resurface!

    Care to explain, Michael Fassbender?

    On Friday, the actor’s domestic mistreat allegations have resurfaced after DailyMail.com published March 2010 Los Angeles court papers where ex-girlfriend Sunawin Andrews strove a protective ordering against the X-Men star.

    According to the documents, the model details two incidents in 2009 where he allegedly get physical.

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    In November 2009, the now-4 0-year-old allegedly drunkenly dragged Andrews with a auto because her ex-boyfriend said hello to them at dinner.

    She recollections:

    “Michael was driving my automobile dangerously fast and calling at me. I implored him to stop the car in panic of road traffic accidents or for my children who were home asleep … As we got a little bit closer to my home I put my car in stop. Get out walked around the car to draw key from ignition. Michael drove of[ f] dragging me along from the car … He stopped after he realise I could not walk and get out of car. He picked me up and throw me in auto as my friends pulled up behind us. They stayed the nighttime to aid pacify things.”

    The mother says the accident left her with vaginal bleed, a distorted left ankle, blown out left knee cap, bursted ovarian cyst, and a hospital bill totaling $24 K.

    In July 2009, Fassbender allegedly hurled Andrews “over a chair” after she woke him up. The alleged incident — which she says left her with a shattered nose — happened after the thespian received an award, presumably at a cinema and music celebration in Ischia, Italy.

    Andrews filed for a protective order against Fassbender on March 12, 2010, asking that he stay at least 100 yards away from her and her family.

    She discloses in the petition 😛 TAGEND

    “I am still recuperating from my hurts and am afraid for my safety.”

    Although the court granted Andrews a temporary protective ordering, she ultimately withdrew her petition on April 6, 2010, one day before a scheduled hearing.

    She currently lives in Los Angeles and working in cooperation with live animals protection organization.

    As we reported, Fassbender marriage actress Alicia Vikander in October 2017.

    [ Image via Sean Thorton/ WENN .]

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    Black Panther Is ALREADY Shattering Box Office Records & It Hasn’t Even Been Out A Full Weekend!

    Holy shit !!!

    Black Panther has been out at the box office for like two seconds, and

    Put that another way, as THR did, and that signifies filmmaker Ryan Coogler’s superhero pic is already the highest-grossing name at 33 major theaters around the country without even being out for one full weekend !!!

    AMC didn’t reveal precisely which 33 theaters where this is happening , nor give out a precise dollar amount grossed quite yet, but we can take a guess based upon where there are tons of presents early this weekend: take, for example, the AMC Southlake 24 in Atlanta, Georgia.

    At that theater, there were a record EIGHTY-THREE demonstrations of Black Panther on Friday alone !!!

    That’s wild !!!

    The final box office numbers are going to come out subsequently tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll report on those and devote specific numbers just like we always do, but this is definitely already a news story in and of itself!

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    So huge — and so cool !!!

    What do U envision, Perezcious readers ?!

    Have y’all watched Black Panther yet ??

    Let us know in the comments( below )!!!

    [ Image via Disney .]

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    Lionel Richie Says His Daughter’s Relationship With Scott Disick Is ‘Just A Phase’

    Well then…

    Lionel Richie has thoughts about his daughter Sofia Richie and

    Speaking to Australia’s

    Long term, Lionel may well be absolutely correct. But is this the best way to go about having that conversation ???

    Who knows.

    Thoughts, Perezcious readers ??

    Let us know in the comments( below )!!!

    [ Image via Nicky Nelson/ Judy Eddy/ WENN .]

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    Khlo Kardashian & ‘Love’ Tristan Thompson Are #RelationshipGoals In This New Snap From Valentine’s Day!

    We seriously can’t “ve been waiting for” Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson‘s child!

    On Friday, the Revenge Body host shared the( above) pic of her and her boo at Kris Jenner‘s Valentine’s Day dinner on Wednesday!

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    The big celebration was attended by Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Rob Kardashian, Kyle Richards, Mauricio Umansky, and others.

    In case you forgot, the momager got drunk and did some EPIC karaoke!

    Pregnant KoKo captioned the touching snap 😛 TAGEND

    ‘”When a woman is enjoyed correctly, she becomes ten hours the woman she was before’ Thank you my love”

    So sweet!

    [ Image via Khloe Kardashian/ Instagram .]

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    6 Famous Directors Who Were Deranged Creeps On Set

    It’s easy to forget that despite all the costumes, play-fighting, and existence of Jared Leto, a movie set is still a workplace context . Time cards are punched, hangovers are concealed, and there’s a business hierarchy. Also like any workplace, there’s that one office creep who somehow keeps their undertaking while making everyone feel uncomfortable. And just as inevitably, that weirdo is the dude in charge. Take, for example …


    James Cameron’s Quest To Construct The Avatar Aliens Fuckable

    Thanks to his aquatic pastimes and endless Avatar sequels, James Cameron has devoted his later years to investigating the depths of both the ocean and audience disinterest. But back in the ancient periods of 2009, Avatar birthed a whole subculture of people unapologetically avid about the idea of railing a Na’vi. And if you’ve ever wondered whether this was part of Cameron’s master plan, the answer is unequivocally yes.

    This isn’t speculation so much as it is going back and reading what Cameron and his theory decorators said about the production. First, there was Cameron himself noting that the design process have been incorporated into repeatedly bringing Na’vi concept art to his male crew members and asking, “Would you want to do her? ” He would then adjust accordingly based on the reactions. That sounds harmless until you imagine your own boss walking from desk to desk, holding up a cartoon sphinx and asking, “How wakened are you right now? “

    But what makes this particularly unsettling is how obvious Cameron’s own arousal was, as concept artist Jordu Schell observed in an interview.


    We need to share that quote in full because of how beautiful it is. James Cameron asked for an azure half-feline Real Doll, and his production squad was like, “Uh, OK. Well, I personally don’t want to make love to this extraterrestrial abomination, but here’s what we got.”


    Filming The Big Sex Scene In The Room Was As Awkward As You’d Imagine

    The Room feels like some kind of sex crime unfolding in a vague “mind invasion” sort of way, wherein time stretches forever and reality itself is usurped by dreaming logic. The film’s actual sex scenes are vastly damaging to anyone who knows eyes, and so one could only see the horror that was being on determined with a bare-assed Tommy Wiseau while he gyrated away at this poor woman’s abdomen.

    TPW Films A salty, rippling taste.

    To the surprise of no one, Wiseau’s nude humping was entirely his idea. According to The Disaster Artist ( the book ), the vampiric anti-star insisted that he “had to” show his ass, or else “this movie won’t sell.” He then proceeded to strip all the way down to a modesty pouch( health professionals term for “junk-covering sock”) and perform the scene until he was prayed to stop .

    Simon& Schuster

    Oh, and if you’re wondering, the dick-sock fell from of him at least once while this was happening. We know this because the actress become involved misfortune told us so. Juliette Danielle, who played Wiseau’s fiancee Lisa, has detailed a plenty of terrible things about this scene, such as the fact that Wiseau’s merely direction to her was to watch the movie Eyes Wide Shut . Wiseau and Kubrick: a drive-in doubleheader if ever there was one.


    Michael Bay Will Release The Hounds On You

    It’s such common knowledge that Michael Bay is a creep to females that his office is federally required to keep mace next to every fire extinguisher. So instead of going to get what everybody already knows, we want to point out that Bay is, at the dirt-bottom least, an equal-opportunity a-hole, starting with the fact that he once virtually let Shia LaBeouf get mauled by dogs.

    Paramount Pictures This actually explains a lot about present-day LaBeouf.

    That’s from behind the scenes of the very first and retrospectively quaint Transformers film, when LaBeouf’s character is chased by junkyard puppies. Notice how everyone stands in surprise as The Beouf blows past the crew? That’s because instead of hiring professional K-9 performers, the company moved ahead with retired police puppies tied to flimsy chains that immediately violated. According to LaBeouf, the freed attack dogs did the merely thing they were trained to do and beelined right to him as the crew urgently trying to stop the impending carnage by throwing chairs in their route. Eventually, the dogs were corralled and, in LaBeouf’s own terms, Bay responded to the whole ordeal by “just fucking giggling.”

    Bay’s amusement constructs appreciation when you consider that his art nearly killed before, like during Armageddon , when Ben Affleck nearly suffocated to death while wearing a prop spacesuit. As Jerry Bruckheimer explained in an interview, Affleck had resorted to crawling on the ground and attempting to smash-up open his helmet like some kind of self-aware robot. And while that’s technically not Bay’s fault, it surely punctuates the movie’s DVD commentary, during which Bruce Willis mentions that Bay often reminded Affleck that he could be cut from the cinema at any time, while also forcing him to get lengthy dental surgery for the role to secure his “baby teeth.”


    Killing The Sex Scenes In Blue Is The Warmest Color Was A Total Nightmare

    When it came out, the French indie film Blue Is The Warmest Color was praised as a “masterpiece, “ and its extensive lesbian adoration scenes were described as “untethered, unembarrassed and joyful.” The movie has a 90 percentage on Rotten Tomatoes and won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. And that’s kind of weird, since there’s a good chance it was all administrator Abdellatif Kechiche’s personal spank depository.

    A critic from The New York Times first swam the observation that Blue ‘s girl-on-girl scenes seemed to be clearly reckoned up by a dude, as many shots, even the nonsexual ones, seems to ogle the women. But what stimulates that observation cross over into Creepsville( Population: Wuh) has subsequently remarks from the two produce actresses, Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux, who described filming the sexuality scenes as “horrible, ” involving ten days to hit and attaining them feel like “prostitutes.”

    The New Yorker TL ;D R: yes.

    If you’re wondering how some sex scenes took ten goddamn days to shoot … well, so did the actresses, as apparently only 10 percentage of what the hell is did presented up in the finished cinema. At the time, Kechiche specifically would like to request that they trust his instincts as they performed non-choreographed lovemaking which he described as “special sex scenes.” This was likely hand-waved as a oddity of a complex, genius administrator and not the insane red flag it clearly was. Kechiche also made the actresses act out violent and gross scenes “thats been” also largely cut from the cinema. One guidance included him making one of the actresses hit the other over and over, and at one point licking the snot off her face . No, truly. According to Exarchopoulos, the exact instruction given( in the form of screaming) was “Kiss her! Lick her snot! “

    But hey, it’s all in the interest of pure artwork, and we’re sure the actresses were ultimately thankful for being pushed into their performances, right? Well , no. Both of them asserted that they would never work with Kechiche ever again, adding, “In America, we’d all be in jail.”


    A Stroll In The Clouds Exists Thanks To Horrendous Sexual Harassment

    Maybe you’re too young to remember Keanu Reeve’s thrilling follow-up to Speed , which was about a WWII vet who leaves home to sell chocolate door-to-door and somehow aims up dressed like a moth in a flame vineyard.

    20 th Century Fox Still a better selection than Velocity 2 .

    We likely should have known right then that this film was the work of a warped intellect, but it wasn’t until 2017 that Will& Grace actress Debra Messing revealed that her first big Hollywood project was total hell. Messing was cast as Keanu’s wife, who in one scene is caught sleeping with another man. While that’s a pretty standard twisting, what made this particular nude scene unique is that director Alfonso Arau didn’t bother to tell Messing that it existed beforehand, and if she didn’t strip down, she’d be fired. When Messing asked for a modicum of human empathy in this fiasco, Arau simply said, “Your job is to get naked and to say the lines.”

    Somehow it gets worse, as Messing’s reservations apparently upset Arau enough that he began berating the actress about the size of her nose. And by “berating, ” we mean yelling, “Can we get a plastic surgeon in there? Her nose is ruining my movie! ” Because again, when you’re a professional director in charge of a major motion picture, it’s best to build the determined as toxic as humanly possible.


    Don’t Quit An Oliver Stone Movie( Or Else )

    If you’ve been following the latest in “Which acclaimed auteur is a creeping now? ” news, you’re likely aware that Oliver Stone isn’t exactly a paragon of decency. But of course , none of that should come as a surprise if you’ve read any interview from any actor who has worked with him. Totally great guy Sean Penn described working with Stone like “talking to a pig.” Blake Lively compared working with Stone to “riding through Jurassic Park.” And performer( and part-time vile lunatic) James Woods, who was in Stone’s 1986 movie Salvador , about columnists covering the Salvadoran Civil War, has probably the craziest of tales.

    According to everyone involved, the movie faced immediate strifes, ranging from budget regulations to colliding egos. At one point, Woods’ agent told him to discontinue due to lack of payment. Later on, Stone himself gave up his salary in order to pay for a pivotal scene. Needless to say, fun wasn’t being had. And in the thick of this, Woods clashed so hard with the administrator that he abandoned the film in the middle of killing. Literally. He strolled off the determined and began to hitchhike back to Los Angeles from the set in Mexico.

    And so, facing the worst of breakdowns between himself and a leading performer, Stone did what any perfectly sane director would do in that situation: He called the police and told them there was an escaped lunatic with a firearm on the road .

    That’s right, for a brief period of time, actor James Woods was an armed fugitive in the eyes on the existing legislation. Somehow this didn’t end with him being shot dead in the middle of the freeway, and Stone was able to seduce Woods back to the situated, thanks to the suspicious absence of people willing to pick up a human identified as a gun-toting menace. And yes, to be clear, Oliver Stone began waving down vehicles and advising them not to pick his actor up, allegedly with phrases like “There’s a crazy gringo with a. 45. Don’t pick him up because he’ll kill you! ” But hey, had he not risked the actor’s life, we never would have gotten that timeless classic Salvador .

    David is on Twitter and writes and material .

    Next day you go to a The Room screening, make sure you bring some plastic spoonfuls !

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    ‘Doctors Should Wash Their Hands’ Used To Be Controversial

    Back in 19 th-century Vienna, health officer Ignaz Semmelweis came up with the insanely radical, outside-the-box suggestion that physicians should start cleaning their hands if they managed corpses before they assisted in births. Find, nearly 20 percent of births aided by male doctors at the time ended with the babe, the mother, or both dying. In the face of such odds, you’d think “Wash your hands for half a minute. Worst-case scenario, you get clean hands” would be a pretty inoffensive suggestion.

    Think again.

    Jeno Doby They refused to listen to this mustache. That’s how stubborn they were.

    The scientific community in Vienna was scandalized that Semmelweis would even suggest that their hands were ever anything but perfect, and opposed back with some pretty insane debates. For instance, Charles Meigs countered Semmelweis’ modest proposal with the logic that since a gentleman’s hands “re always” clean, a medical doctor( “whos also”, by his very nature, a “gentleman”) didn’t need to cleanses them. Check and mate, buddy.

    Semmelweis was removed from his position, and Viennese physicians continued killin’ folks with filthy thumbs for 21 more times( during which period 14,518 women and children died as a result of puerperal fever alone ), until Louis Pasteur was eventually able to convince them germs both existed and did not respect Gentleman Status.

    Thereafter, Semmelweis was hailed as a hero and a genius. No await, he was committed to a mental institution and succumbed of sepsis/ syphilis/ sentry beats( accounts differ ).

    Wash your hands. Here’s some soap .

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    McDonald’s Is Taking The Cheeseburger Out Of The Happy Meal But Will It Help Kids Get Healthier??

    McDonald’s has been trying to shed its Super Size Me image for years now, and on Thursday the fast food monster announced its biggest step yet.

    The cheeseburger will now no longer be a menu option for the Happy Meal.

    In addition, the portion of fries will be downsized, the chocolate milk’s sugar content will be reduced, and a bottle of water will be added as a booze option.

    Mickey D’s goal is to get the Happy Meal down to 600 calories, with less than 10% each from saturated fat and added carbohydrates. Find more on the company’s 2022 purposes HERE.

    BTW, cheeseburger lovers will still be able to attain special requests for the treat in their Happy Meal — but that will be more like a secret menu type bargain now.

    The question is, will these changes aid lead to healthier kids? Let us know what YOU envision( below )!

    [ Image via McDonald’s/ Instagram/ YouTube .]

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    6 Overlooked Details That Turn Beloved Characters Into Jerks

    If it weren’t for great characters, movies would be dull-as-hell vehicles for charmless husks of human beings — good for the careers of Mark Wahlberg and Ben Affleck, bad for humanity in general. But like flesh-and-blood people, a lot of our most cherished cinematic heroes have weird, disturbing characteristics we somehow chose to overlook. So in the interest of greater accountability at every level of Hollywood, let’s pull the woolen from over our eyes and talk about how messed up it is that …


    Obi-Wan Knowingly Gave Luke A Weapon That Killed A Bunch of Toddlers

    As we all recollect, the Star Wars tale begins with simple farm son Luke Skywalker visiting his town’s notoriously eccentric hermit, Ben “Totally Not Obi-Wan” Kenobi. Fortunately, what begins not unlike an afterschool special ends up to move to fun, escapade, and the revelation that specters are real( which everyone seems amazingly chill about ).

    Most of us likely assured Star Wars as kids, but watching it as an adult can be a weird experience. Believe about it. We follow a teen to the home of a strange man, who promptly gives him the gift of a deadly weapon. If you found out that a teenage boy got a handgun from some elderly weirdo on the outskirts of township, you’d call the cops.

    Lucasfilm Obi-Wan was hoping Luke would lose control and decapitate that golden jerk in the corner.

    Then, minutes afterward, Obi-Wan invites Luke on an overnight trip-up to a foreign planet without even checking with his legal guardian.

    Lucasfilm Master Kenobi knew Luke was something special when he resisted his Jedi mind trick.

    Then Obi-Wan caps off the trifecta of galactic inappropriateness by inviting this child to a freaking dive saloon. Presumably they deleted the scene wherein he buys Luke a carton of demise stays and the most recent issue of Hutt-sler .

    Now, we can forgive audiences for not belief this was creepy at the time, either because of Alec Guinness’ heartfelt performance or because their brains were so disco-addled that they couldn’t guess straight. But look at it now in the context of all the Star Wars movies, including the ones that felt like watching inexplicably racist paint drying. In the last of the prequel trilogy, Revenge Of The Sith , we see that Anakin Skywalker has turned so evil that he murders children .

    Lucasfilm “FINALLY! He’s gonna cut our rattails! “

    And of course, he does so with the same lightsaber that Obi-Wan afterward endowments to Luke( while conveniently omitting that detail ). It’s even worse when you consider Luke’s burgeoning powers. We’ve repeatedly seen that Jedi get Shining -like visions, sometimes from specific objects( and again, that holy turd there is an afterlife ). Meaning that the lightsaber might have magically demonstrated Luke all the terrible and cringeworthy things his daddy did. Like social media will one day do for our kids.


    Mario Has Been Punching Yoshi In The Head For Decades( As Corroborated By Nintendo )

    Aside from the fact that he’s happy to wipe out an entire species of happy turtle animals simply to rescue one human princess, Mario always seemed like a good guy. But is that the lawsuit? After a series of fun adventures( and one demented fever nightmare ), Mario partnered with new sidekick Yoshi for Super Mario World , thus fulfilling the fantasies of everyone who ever craved a dinosaur pal and/ or to vomit fireballs after a heavy meal.

    Nintendo Yoshi’s intestinal tract looks just like a war zone.

    You may have noticed that when Yoshi widens his Gene-Simmons-like tongue, Mario too makes a motion. He’s promoting his dino chum, right?

    Nintendo Since birds descended from dinosaurs, does this make Yoshi a cannibal?

    Nope. Recently, two of Super Mario World ‘s developers confirmed what some of us may have panicked. Mario’s not cheering Yoshi on. He’s < i> punching him in the dang head , as if Mario is Russell Crowe and Yoshi is … pretty much anyone Russell Crowe encounters.

    Nintendo developer Shigefumi Hino acknowledged that “lots of people think (…) Mario is pointing his finger forward, ” but the truth is “the setup that[ he] described was that when Mario punches Yoshi in the head, the character’s tongue hits out in surprise.” So video games is less about Yoshi having a badass skill and more about Mario’s abuse somehow yielding an accidental superpower. Looking at it in slow motion, there’s no denying the truth: Mario is the real ogre here , not Bowser.

    Nintendo Which probably explains why Peach went with the giant lizard.

    This paves the style for the inevitable news that the paddles from Pong were made out of human bones, Pac-Man was gobbling up amphetamines, and Sonic the Hedgehog was a Holocaust denier the whole time.


    Spider-Man Should Have Really Told Someone About Those Miracle Spiders Sitting In A Lab

    Think back to the original Spider-Man movie series — the one in which Peter Parker was apparently a grown humankind pretending to be in high school for either journalistic or unsavory reasons. In all such cases, we all know that Peter Parker gets bitten by a genetically re-engineered spider while on a field trip to Columbia University. Since his permission slip-up was signed , none of the teaches seems to notification or make a crap.

    Columbia Painting It’s the most realistic part of the movie.

    After passing out from a sweat-drenched bout with a sudden fever( which, again , none of the teaches procured concerning ), Peter wakes up the next day to find out he’s abruptly rent, like if Ferris Bueller spent his day off wolfing down Creatine. Plus, his eyesight is somehow better, suggesting that the spider came back and committed him some kind of arachnid Lasik surgery while he slept.

    Columbia Video

    Columbia Image Unfortunately, he still looks like Tobey Maguire.

    Then Uncle Ben gets gunned down and Peter becomes Spider-Man to help people, because with great power blah blah blah. He sure sounds like a great chap for risking his life to save others, but let’s should be considered this from a big picture view. What would help people more: sway from buildings and making fun of muggers or, we don’t know, telling someone about that magical disease-curing spider ?

    If that spider bite had the power the fixing injury eyes and restructure Peter’s genetic makeup into a 60 percent more Van-Damme-like body, who’s to say what else it could do? Could it cure cancer? AIDS? Male pattern baldness? It’s surely worth a shot.

    Columbia Painting “Actually, we cured baldness in this universe.”

    And it’s not like the Columbia team will come across this information themselves. The lab isn’t testing anything on humans; they’re only studying spiders. The researcher specifically mentions that they have 14 more of the same various kinds of spider. And yet, for some reason, science nerd Peter Parker doesn’t mention that he’s stumbled on what could be humanity’s greatest scientific discovery. But yeah, why panacea devastating maladies when you can fight crazy one-percenters and perform superpowered swing dance routines?


    Casper The Friendly Ghost Is Basically A Phantasmagorical Child Predator When You Think About It

    Somehow perverting the story of a dead child who goes on fun adventures, the 1995 movie Casper detected its titular phantasm crushing on some teenage daughter, with the implication that Casper is trapped forever in a perpetual government of pre-adolescent awkwardness. So at a certain level, having his soul swallowed into Hell would probably be somewhat of a relief.

    What we’re saying is the movie takes the “friendly” ghost thing behavior too far, with Casper becoming obsessed with( and practically stalking) a young Christina Ricci. At one point, he lures her onto his bed and fist-pumps like a background character in a teen sex comedy.

    Universal Pictures The milky consistency of his torso never appeared more inappropriate.

    Even discounting the grossness of ectoplasmic arousal, what about the age issue? The movie’s a one-sided romance until the end, when Casper takes a Devon-Sawa-like human sort and the pair share a kiss. But there’s nothing incorrect with that — she’s like 14 and he’s like 12, right? Guess again. Midway through the movie, we understand old newspaper headlines announcing Casper’s death, and they … don’t looking recent.

    Universal Pictures That’s right, they’re from back when newspapers still existed.

    Later, Casper tells us that his favorite baseball player was Duke Snider of the Brooklyn Dodger, which is kind of like telling kids today that O.J. Simpson is your favorite slapstick actor.

    Universal Pictures

    Universal Pictures The use of green screens really helped Ricci nail that “I couldn’t care less” look.

    Let’s do the math here. Snider played for the Dodger from 1947 to 1962, but the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to LA in 1957. So let’s use the last possible time Snider played for the Brooklyn Dodger and estimate that Casper was at least five to be age-old enough to follow baseball. That means that the youngest — < i> a very young — Casper could be in 1995 is 43 years old. He seems small and sounds like a kid, but Casper’s still been alive in some capability for decades .

    So truly, Casper is the story of a middle-aged humankind trapped in the body of a phantom child who sneaks on teenage daughters. Yeah, this might be the most terrifying Halloween movie out there.


    The Scarecrow From The Wizard Of Oz Was Packing Heat( And Dorothy Always Planned To Kill The Witch )

    There are certainly a lot of memorable instants in The Wizard Of Oz , from Dorothy singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow, “ to the Witch melting, to the sequel in which Dorothy is given electroshock therapy so she’ll stop insisting the first movie happened. One scene that’s clearly not so memorable, because half the internet seems to have forgotten about it, is the one in which the friendly ol’ Scarecrow pulls out a handgun.

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer “Scared now, @#!%? “

    In the scene where Dorothy and the gang decide to go after the Witch, they appear armed with weapons. The Tin Man has a giant wrench in addition to his ax, the Lion has both a mallet and a butterfly cyberspace, and Dorothy … is apparently going to punch the heck out of anyone who gets in her lane. But unlike the comically oversized cartoon weapons his pals have, the Scarecrow is nervously cradling a real gun. This likely wouldn’t fly today, which is why none of the Minions ever attempt to wrap up a story by whipping out a Glock.

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Oddly enough, the most lethal thing in this illustration is the Tin Man’s facepaint.

    This brings up so many questions . Where did he get the gun? Did the Wizard give it to him? Was the Scarecrow secretly carrying a artillery the whole day ? It also implies that Dorothy and the gang’s plan was to go hits the Wicked Witch in the freaking brain. So perhaps Dorothy shouldn’t act so innocent about “accidentally” spilling the lethal pail of water on the Witch, when clearly they had a much worse fate in mind.


    There’s Evidence That Indiana Jones Is Sleeping With His Students

    Kids today probably know Indiana Jones as the cranky senior who famously mall-walked his way through a flying saucer, but for a whole generation, he was one of the coolest activity heroes out there — surely the coolest who was also a prof. Still, there’s always been something off about Indy. We’ve talked in the past about how George Lucas thought it would be funny to make him a child molester , no doubt leading to the inevitable ‘9 0s Special Editions in which CGI ogres would have obliterated any mentions of Indy’s crimes.

    While that gross storyline was merely hypothetical, we’ve also mentioned how early versions of the script proved Indy’s boss, Dr. Marcus Brody, catching Indy boning students in its term of office. He then appears the other lane, because why sever your connection for acquiring rare( albeit bloodstained) relics?

    Well, it turns out that there’s still evidence of this inappropriate storyline in the movie. After Marcus makes a deal with the government for Indy to take a Nazi-battling sabbatical, he shows up at Dr. Jones’ house. For some reason, Indy is dressed like Hugh Hefner, even though Marcus is still wearing his run clothes. He offers Marcus a glass of champagne, and toasts their search for God’s face-melting voodoo box.

    Lucasfilm Fun game: Try to count how many objects in this room can be used as sexuality toys.

    What’s weird is that Indy doesn’t open the champagne for Marcus. He grabs a bottle that’s bizarrely open already. What’s even more suspicious is the fact there are two glasses out, one of which has champagne in it.


    Lucasfilm “Don’t worry, there’s almost no roofie left in there.”

    Coupled with the fact that Indy answers the door in an un-cinched gown, the picture becomes clear: He only had sexuality. And the only female characters we’ve recognized him interact with at all are his students … who, you might have noticed, are super into him.

    The thing with the glasses and the champagne was seemingly left over from that creepy earlier script. Long after Marcus catches Indy with his student, “Susan, ” he arrives at Dr. Sleazeball’s house and the girl is there again, “tidying things up” in the living room. Proposing that yes, they boinked on a piling of dusty textbooks.


    So in a way, all the movie did was remove the portion where Susan’s < i> still here . Indy’s robe and half-drank champagne recommend what we should have known all along: For Dr. Jones, there’s ever period for love.

    You( yes, you) should follow JM on Twitter, or check out the podcast Rewatchability .

    Go rewatch all the Indiana Jones movies and tell us you wouldn’t have at least thought about boinking Professor Jones .

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    Marilyn Manson Has Meltdown, Storms Off Stage!

    WTF is going on with Marilyn Manson?

    On Thursday night, the( once ?) controversial rocker had everyone in agreement — on how bad his concert was!

    According to irate audience members speaking to TMZ, the Long Island show began 90 minutes late, and even when it did ultimately start Marilyn was lethargic and combative with the audience.

    Video: Watch Justin Bieber Storm Off Stage After Crowd Cheers Too Loudly

    Apparently the band scarcely been through this five chants before he told the crowd they weren’t dedicating him enough energy, asking them to tell him they loved him.

    Then after a ranting, which included calling New Jersey a shithole, he just strolled off the stage — taking out an amplifier on the way — and never coming back here!

    See the poorest of the poor indicate for yourself( below )!

    [ Image via YouTube .]

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    Presley Gerber Proves His Devotion To Sister Kaia With A Tattoo Of Her Name!

    Talk about sibling devotion !!

    On Thursday, Presley Gerber stopped by Bang Bang Tattoos in NYC, where he got a tat of his sister’s epithet. Yup, the 18 -year-old paid tribute to baby sis Kaia Gerber as he had “Kaia XXIII” permanently inked on his torso. Well, well!

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    It’s said that famed tattoo artist Jonathan Valena AKA JonBoy did the lowercase script and roman numerals, and it appears that Presley is happy with the outcome as he took to Instagram to share:

    23A post shared by Presley (@ presleygerber) on Feb 15, 2018 at 3:23 pm PST

    Nice! As for Kaia, we have a strong inkling that she approved of the design, as she watched as her brother got the tattoo. Jon Boy proved this to be true with a photo with the Gerber siblings and Presley’s girlfriend, Charlotte D’Alessio( below ).

    NYFWA post shared by c/ s [?] jonboy [?] p/ v (@ jonboytattoo) on Feb 15, 2018 at 6:55 pm PST

    Kaia and Presley’s famous parents, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, also vocalized their approval of the tat. In the comments section, the businessman noted 😛 TAGEND


    As for the framework icon, she simply stated 😛 TAGEND


    There’s no denying the Gerber kids’ bond, especially as their simulate jobs have skyrocketed at the same hour. We’re happy they’ve observed a best friend in each other !!

    [ Image via Instagram .]

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    Watch This Adorable Video Of Dream Kardashian Calling Father Rob ‘Dada’ SO CUTE!!!

    Cutest thing ever !!!

    Ch-ch-check out Dream bellow him “Dada”( below )!!!

    #Repost @dashtube (@ get_repost) Dream via Rob’s snapchat #dreamkardashian #kingcairo #robkardashian #blacchynaA post said that he shared Kardashian and Jenner children (@ kardashjenkidsbr) on Feb 16, 2018 at 3:01 pm PST

    Awwww !!

    Our nerves, melted !!

    Love it !!

    [ Image via Snapchat/ WENN .]

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    Man Discovers Heaps Of Dead Dogs On Morning Walk

    On Tuesday, a South Carolina man discovered stacks of recently killed bird-dogs during the course of its morning walk, according to videos shared on FacebookFacebook.

    In the disturbing footage, Mickey Fortin( pictured above) said he was walking along a street in Laurens County when he noticed the treacherous scene.

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    He is heard saying:

    “I’ve watched a lot of things here in my travels … Right now, as I’m strolling I’m appreciating these things laying in a heap and I’m wondering, ‘What the hell is that? ‘”

    Although he initially guessed the heap consisted of garbage or age-old clothes, the man soon realise “its been” four dead chihuahuas.

    “Who would do something like this ?… To me it’s devastating.”

    According to Giles Gilmer, the bos of Laurens County Animal Control, the chihuahuas were shot in the brain and had been dead for around 10 to 12 hours.

    After calling 911, Fortin walked further and acquired the carcasses of two larger bird-dogs and a second stack of dead chihuahuas, according to WYFF4.

    A total of 15 deceased dogs were found that morning.

    In a press release obtained by People, the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the situation.

    [ Image via Mickey Fortin/ Facebook .]

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