Become A Master Of Code With This Discounted Course

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Everyone has a different answer to the question of what appears good on a resume. Some will tell you that all the information should be able to fit on a business card. Others will insist that your middle school chess team accomplishments be listed there in alphabetical order. In fact, the only thing we can all really agree on when it comes to resume-building in 2018 is the fact that it never suffers to say that you know how to code.

The Complete Web Developer Course will teach you to code by having you build 14 websites alongside the instructor. By the time you power through 236 lecturings and 28 hours of the information contained, you’ll has become a code-writing, interview-getting machine. The best thing about this course, though, is that you’ll have 24 -hour access to the content, so you can spread your lessons out over as much time as you need and embark upon some steamy late-night coding sessions if your heart so desires.

This course covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap, WordPress, and more, giving you the foundation to enter a variety of fields and actually wow potential employers. You’ll likewise learn how to integrate APIs to connect to Google Maps, Facebook, and other popular sites. If you’ve been searching for a resume-making cheater code, this course is as close to Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A as you’re going to get.

The Complete Web Developer Course is typically about $200, but is on sale now for only $14.99, which is a massive saving of 92 percent.

You don’t need to be Nikola Tesla to build a rockin’ website. Order this course and leave the automated Droids to the birds .

Further your epic resume-building abilities with Become A Professional Code Monkey In 3 Easy Steps .

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