Sex And The City’s Berger MIGHT Be Getting His Own Spin-Off!

Sex and the City 3 may not be happening, but THIS might!

Back in 2015, Tv writers/ married couple Gennefer Gross and David Gross pitched actor Ron Livingston their notion for a SATC spin-off concentrates on his character, Jack Berger.

In case you forgot, Berger famously broke up with Sarah Jessica Parker‘s Carrie via a Post-it that read, “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t loathe me.”

Livingston — also known for his role in Office Space — apparently loved the idea, and the writing duo churned out a pilot.

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Fast forward to Tuesday, popular Instagram fan report @everyoutfitonsatc posted an excerpt from the script after Gennefer’s joke tweet about a SATC reboot with Jeff Goldblum ran viral.

As seen here:

A post shared by Every Outfit on Sex& the City (@ everyoutfitonsatc )~ ATAGEND on Dec 5, 2017 at 11:30 am PST

Because of their newfound Internet fame, Gennefer says she and her husband “may be resurrecting the project! “

The writer even posted the script’s logline, where Berger writes a New York Times bestseller 10 times after violating things off with Miz Bradshaw!

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