The Secret Subplot You Missed In ‘Jurassic World’

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Jurassic World was a blockbuster sequel whose central premise was that stimulating “Jurassic World” was a dumb idea, because the original was much better. It was so full of meta-nostalgia for the first Jurassic Park that they may as well have changed the logo to an image of Jeff Goldblum’s glistening chest.

JM McNab

This new and improved Jurassic World is run by a bunch of idiots. Even after a sneak preview of the original park led to multiple dino-murders, these people have actually downgraded the security. One of the journeys is literally a bubble-shaped demise trap that children can roll straight-out into danger, with simply the tiresome antics of Jimmy Fallon for protection.

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures The kids’ disinterest in Jimmy Fallon foreshadows the audience’s disinterest in Jimmy Fallon.

As for the pen dwelling their super-secret, ultra-dangerous Indominus Rex? They have one guy retaining watch, and he seems more interested in a tuna sandwich than stimulating sure the murder-saurus doesn’t rampage through an island full of vacationing families.

Universal Pictures “Aren’t you supposed to be monitoring things? ” “Lunch acquires a way.”

Now, to be fair, this could all be part of the movie’s nostalgia journey. Characters in Jurassic Park films have a history of hiring the absolute worst possible people to do extremely important jobs.

JM McNab

But the Indominus Rex’s flee isn’t induced possible by sheer human incompetence alone. It’s likewise able to hide from all the cameras in its pen and trick the humans into thinking it had already get out. Which raises a few questions: How the inferno does it even know what a camera is?

Universal Pictures

Thankfully, YouTuber Matthew Patrick has come up with a assumption that builds appreciation of everything. What if Jurassic World was less about human screw-ups and sorcery dinosaurs, and more about secret shadowy machinations? What if everything of this random stupidity was actually the result of a conspiracy thriller playing out in the background?

Remember how moronic security jerk Hoskins keeps brought forward by that half-baked is our intention to militarize velociraptors? By the end of the movie, they end up doing just that as a last-ditch effort to take down the I-Rex( and to get a badass, poster-ready shooting of Chris Pratt journeying a motorcycle alongside his dino sidekicks ).

Universal Pictures Flagrant disregard for the laws of nature and the laws of motorcycle helmets.

We also learn that Dr. Wu, the scientist from the original, is secretly in league with Hoskins. This is presumably why he’s run from sporting a friendly white laboratory coat to donning the black turtleneck of evil.

Universal Pictures “I took this off of Steve Jobs’ corpse after I killed him.” “Didn’t he die of cancer? ” ” Dino -cancer.”

Doesn’t it seem just a teeny bit coincidental that these guys were pressing to weaponize the velociraptors right before they landed a golden opportunity to implement it? The tale begin to induce more sense if a conspiracy engineered the emergency as justification to beta test their raptor squad.

Patrick’s video even applies science to back up this theory. When the I-Rex flees, it does so by lowering its body temperature while simultaneously camouflaging. The only problem is that based on the evidence provided by the movie, this is impossible.

According to Dr. Wu, the Indominus’ animal superpowers include cuttlefish genes for camouflage and frog DNA to regulate body heat and avoid thermal scans.

Universal Pictures Because apparently no one recollected how frog Dna bolt everything up the first time around?

The only problem is that they wouldn’t be able to do this at the same time, because the frog governs its heat by changing coloring , which would altogether nullify the camouflage. So the only style for the I-Rex to escape is if someone sabotaged the security systems. Of course, it’s likewise possible that the screenwriter merely skimmed a National Geographic and didn’t realise his mistake before handing in the script … but this theory is behavior more fun.

The conspiracy angle likewise explains why these parks retain breeding raptors. Why bio-engineer deadly weapons on an island full of children and Jimmy-Buffett-themed restaurants? It’s not like they make for an arousing attractivenes — in the original movie, all the visitors got to see was a cow being deposited into some gyrating foliage.

Universal Pictures “I paid five grand for this? “

Maybe these parks were ever a front for military experiments. Even John Hammond could have been in on it, which would explain why he completely bailed on his apparent moral awakening.

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Still doesn’t explain why the velociraptors don’t have feathers .

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